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I had a thought since 2010 of crafting a group with a very different multi-dimensional fundamental attributes. The idea was given a thought in a constructive manner and was materialized in JUNE 2013 when we did the First Open Meet and then chartered towards the first event. Now Sukrut Parivaar is a cohesive group which aims at making an endeavor to execute "SHUBH" (Good & Positive) "KRUT" (Acts/Deeds) which gives benefit not only to the Doer of Shubh Krut ("SUKRUT HANDS) but also to the society & nation at large. This group is a conglomeration (combination) of professionals belonging to varied fields..

Fundamental PREMISE / Thinking of PARIVAAR: 

"Try to become like a rose which even perfumes the hands which crushes it." "Let's define a new source of INTERNAL MOTIVATION i.e. let us execute some SHUBH(Good) + KRUT (Acts) = SUKRUT And generate a source of motivation and then by cherishing such acts we derive motivation. So let's not move here and there in search of motivation but generate own source of motivation"


The PARIVAAR doesn't believe in any kind of organizational structure or any leadership concept. But works on the concept of "In a PARIVAAR... Read More