About Sukrut

Motto of Sukrut Parivaar

“Satt - Chitt - Anandam = Truth - Consciousness - Bliss”

The Group works on this concept and is working on different grounds to help the society & needy sector.

Here I will make an endeavor to elaborate on how Truth (SAT) delivers us from falsehood, from the veils of confusion/delusion. Truth leads us from unreality into reality -- a profound and sacred PRESENCE. Truth is realized through practicing true awareness (surrendering preferences, desires, bias, prejudice, self deceit. conceit, pride, fear, and doubt). Surrender-ing to truth -- to thusness leads us into acceptance of unbiased and unconditioned/ unconditional universal truth/reality. To desire only THAT is a major aspect of mature spiritual practice. It provides all the focus, direction, and energy that is required for suc-cess, but in most of us this divine passion for SAT has become diffused, dissipated, dis-tracted, and hence impeded. SAT thus is the first step, clearing the path of obstructions. A basic truth is that awareness can not come about without truth. Consciousness of con-sciousness also cannot exist in slumber, thus self realization, enlightenment, and gnosis will not dawn without SAT. In SATCHITANANDA, SAT and CHIT (consciousness) form integral parts of a greater and profound sacred wholeness.

Chit is consciousness. It is thus one of the integral ingredients toward waking up out of slumber a4d forgetfulness and into... Read More

Our Goals

GOAL 1 - No Poverty

GOAL 2 - Zero Hunger

GOAL 3 - Good Health and Well-being

GOAL 4 - Quality Education

GOAL 5 - Gender Equality

GOAL 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

GOAL 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy

GOAL 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

GOAL 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

GOAL 10 - Reduced Inequality

GOAL 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

GOAL 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

GOAL 13 - Climate Action

GOAL 14 - Life Below Water

GOAL 15 - Life on Land

GOAL 16 - Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

GOAL 17 - Partnerships to achieve the Goal

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